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As one of the founders of modern coating technology, DRIAM is at the cutting edge and market leader in the design of large volume coaters with perforated, multisided pans and a patented air handling system which permits forcing the drying air through the entire product bed.
Driam was founded in 1951. Originally, the company was active as an engineering design company. Later on, the company focused on coating technologies which developed into the exclusive and demanding business area. Today Driam is active worldwide and represented in all continents. We have subsidiaries in North America and Eastern Europe and work with a licensee in Japan. Our customers are located in the Confectionery, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Detergent, Fertilizer, Agriculture and the Seed and Feed Industries.
As early as the Eighties, the company concentrated on having flexible and efficient manufacturing facilities in order to be able to react immediately to customer requirements and to be able to comply with special request for our customers. Long term and trusting relationships with selected suppliers from the region guarantees maintaining highest quality and enables us in providing innovative and effective machines.
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